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Family Trip December 2009

Our family took a trip to Canada, then to Bath England. My parents Bob and June Furtney, my younger sister Corinne, my older sister Andrea and her husband Vern Campbell in addition to my family all went on this trip.

Family Trip February 2009

Photos from our family trip to Florida in Feb. 2009. We went with Grandma and Grandpa Furtney

Fall 2008 Children

Photos taken on a trip Paris Mountain.

Scotland Trip 2007

Our family took a trip to Canada, then to Scotland. My parents Bob and June Furtney, my younger sister Corinne, my older sister Andrea and her husband Vern Campbell in addition to my family all went on this trip.

July 2006

Just a few good pictures of the kids together!

June 2006

The big thing that happened this month was swimming lessons at the YMCA!

May 2006

Cameron's Birthday took place this month!

April 2006

A few pictures of Parker in here with Jacob included. My sister was visiting from IA this month.

2006 Furtney Family Florida Vacation

Come and see what we did in Florida!

March 2006

A visit from Canadian family! Parker was happy to see them!

Emily's 4th. Birthday Party

Emily had a Princess Dress-up Party, and had 7 little friends over!

February 2006

What we did in February!

The New House

This album has all the pictures we took while our home was being built. If you want to see start to finish, start with the last picture and work your way up.

January 2006

Events that occured during January 2006

Parker's Birth

This is Parker's birth and the family and friends who came to visit.

Christmas with the Furtneys 2005

Here are a few pictures of our time spent with the Furtneys.

Christmas with the Reekies 2005

Christmas party held at the Furtneys which included the Furtneys, Reekies, Wilsons, Cabrals, Wilbers, and Lindsey Rochester

December 2005

Christmas is here once again and we are getting settled in our new home.

November 2005

This month Emily had Crazy Hat day with her friends in Cubbies.

September 2005

We went to visit the Furntey's in Canada this month.

August 2005

We had a few more nice days in August, so we went outside to try to get some nice pictures.

July 2005

Emily got a new bike!

June 2005

Jessica is still having some sick days so the children were spending some time at Grandma Reekie's.

May 2005

Cameron's Birthday!

April 2005

In April Mike and Jessica celebrated 5 years of marriage! Mike's parents got us a weekend away in Savannah, GA.

March 2005

This month we took some pictures of the children in gymnastics class.

February 2005

Emily's Birthday came this month and she turned 3.

September 2004

This month was full of pictures

May 2004

Cameron turned 1 year old!

June 2004

Not much happened inside this month, but Emily's good friend Katie had her 2 year old party. We were all went to Gattietown!

July 2004

The month of July we took a family trip to see family in Canada!

August 2004

This month we went on vacation with Jessica's parents to Myrtle Beach!

May 2003

This is a collection of photos from May 2003

Baby Boy Furtney

Pictures of the newest addition to the family

London Trip

This album contains photos from the 2002 London trip. Dad, Mom, Corinne, Michael, Jessica and Emily Furtney went on this trip.

Emily visits with Furtney Family

Pictures of Furtney Family

Baby Girl Furtney

This album contains the newest pictures of the Baby Girl, as well as photos from Jessica's hospital stay.

Jessica's Baby Shower

Baby shower held at Jessica's Grandmother's house. Many people attended, and some who wanted to, were not able to attend. We thank all who participated, and for the generosity of the Lord's people.

2001 Christmas at Saddlemount Lane

Christmas at Saddlemount Lane. Gift exchange that occured before Christmas day. In attendance were Don/Cynthia Wilson, Dad/Mom Reekie, Jason/Jennifer, Daniel/Melinda/Kataryna Cabral,Mark,Jessica/Baby Girl/Michael Furtney.

2001 Christmas at Surfside

Christmas at Surfside Beach 2001. In attendance were Dad, Mom, Andrea, Corinne, Jessica, Baby Girl Furtney, Michael. We spent Christmas day through January second at 8805A Chandler Drive in Surfside.

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